feel free to contact me at ivstaff@hotmail.com if you want any digitals, tapes or CDs of these btw!


wavesailing (as your touch) - 30 minutes of krautrock edited in various ways, first side came out as some of the harshest noise i've ever made with the second side being my own attempt at it though it's the first time i picked up my guitar in a couple months so it's not great

untitled (as Nick Heaven) - one of the many field recording ambient records i've got stashed up now with added lo-fi, listen to it if you're into that

告別通量 (split between me and DJFUNK30RE3R7UR) - split with a new noise-techno artist, my side is primarily me messing with talking/singing into a looper

Undertouch - recorded in early 2019/late 2018, not sure? has two tracks from /an/aesthetic veil which were recorded for this album but moved to /a/v to extend it, mostly glitch/noise using breakbeats

White Ancient Reality - only one track, i think it was me trying out noisecore but i don't remember recording it i just know it's on my hard drive

2 Unreleased Tracks - like it says it's two tracks, the first one being a heavenly extended eccojam session and the second one being a hard techno loop with some effects and improvisation on top

Magnificent Dripping Nightlife Email Roleplay (as Peruvian Worship) - one of my more textured works, goes from very smooth synth ambient to twisted gabber to straight noise

Vanguard - Diver (undertouch Mixes) - a collection of remixes of, you guessed it, Diver by Vanguard - track 1 is a nice hip hop beat, 2 is a live ambient session, 3 is an attempt at digital onkyo, loryn is another beat but the track itself is very muffled so it was hard to make a solid beat from it, echohunter is an eccojammed version, spaceshifter is an ambient mix with the primary instrument being percussion, timbowolf is an ambient mix using guitar in it

下 (as 下) - a minimal IDM track made out of field recordings I was sent for a compilation, called the fencepost reclamation project

Whisperer Songs - track 1 is incredibly loud guitar jamming, tracks 2 and 3 are both hissy tape ambient, 4 is a very accessible house loop that gradually gets more things added to it, sounds like an aphex twin cut, 5 is a pleasant hip hop beat made from a commercial, 6 is another track like 4 in structure but more dissonant, 7 is a more classic undertouch jam using a multitude of synths

Morebabes - outsider pop that i didn't take making particularly seriously, i was just having fun with the vocals and the beats and i think it came out great

Soap Shadow Fire (as Urinary Temple Evacuation) - looper noise improvisation, white noise covering new-age riffs, CDs sold out

MidnightMind1&2&3 (as Thecyutiontv) - 3 full albums of random stuff, the first one being truthfully somewhat dull with "Last Three" being guitar, "Androgyration" being a very downbeat synth improv piece, "Gondras" being a collage of field recordings, the second one being more eventful with track 2-1 being noise, 2-3 being a hypnagogic pop jam, and 2-4 being the best of the bunch, a crazy sk-1 looper session that gets really cool when i start screwing with speed and stuff towards the end

Schoolboy - fun synth / vocal jams made on my bed as usual

Undergon - harsh noise made with vocals and drum VSTs

Origins of Void Empti - split with Iced Mocha Mixture, a friend of mine, his side is very minimal focused on white noise and some percussion and my side is minimal synth

Friends (as Kim Zhiyuan) - recordings of short live gigs, a bit lo-fi but very ambient

Moli Xiang Mi - collaboration with Your Turn aka Holorime aka Vziel, comedic techno

Almost Untitled - collaboration with Rahna, friend from The Memories, heavy on percussion and feedback

一个光荣的蓝色 (An Honourable Blue) - screwing with a couple synths, a riff, and light percussion that morphs into gabber kicks, making it a hard techno-style track

Undertouch And Metropolita - Split - my side is ambient stuff, fooling around with vocals and some samples plus some heavy noise that mostly stays in the background - Metropolita's side is some crazy ambient / noise made from funk samples, the first one is very dense and almost blends into static, the second one is more minimal with more little synths and sampled bits popping up, and melting heart is actually straight vaporwave, plus our collab is a beat they made out of my own harsh noise session because they found a nice rhythm in it

Live in Parents Room - dj mixing for almost an hour in my mom and dad's room

Purple Cloth For Dinner (as Aquaburst Pre-Frost) - collection of various minimal vignettes

Sunset SWAN TREES - 3 guitar tracks

Untitled - 3 more improvised guitar tracks

Untitled - Bass House, ambient, and spoken word

Live! - ambient / noise jams, lush pads rolling over harsh textures with some drumming on top of the whole thing, track 2 is more repetitive and trance-like - CDs are available from CVLMINIS

Colored Bleed Cheddar Grater - a bunch of random guitar tracks and synth noodles

Soul Market (as Ferrari Reality / Synod) - extended ver. of my split release over at Cranky Lesbian Tapes

Faraway dream fountain in the trees (as The Memories) - 2 noisy ambient jams, partially recorded with a friend

Live! - harsh noise made of 2 jam sessions overlayed, lots of bass and crunchiness

Myself - quirky outsider pop, first time using sung vocals as undertouch

Vishnu - 2 collections of noisy songs and minimal vignettes

Tomorrow's dusk - 4 tracks ranging from pure drone ambient to harsh noise (COMING SOON)

Shoresmell Improvisation - synth jam

Untitled (HD01) - ltd. edition tape released on hologram day, guitar pop stuff, don't have the files anymore unfortunately