i have been writing poetry and lyrics

everyone gave their blessings to the flowers passing their blood along a road of comfy cliches - a neon sign says open above a statue's painted door - she tells a story of disease and lossless velvet with no more flames to carry on, can't hear your own voice can't see your own shape / two wallpapers / planted across two smooth walls / operating systems crawl / around day by day / have i been trapped into something / what really is this / what time is it / check the clock / where is the clock brand / it's out of my mind / check the clock / is it 12am / tip toeing a silent animal / driveby past the last lover / an infant with a father / his mind is too broken / since his credit card's been spent / on too many obituaries / and not religious faith / once our plans play out we'll finally bring an end / around to what we want out of nothing / there's no truth only dreams / there's no lies only splits / in images conjured by seas

due to terrorism, we can not live. life brings us together closer. the song is between me and you.

The still burning desire shall win the race, a sign of shame to you but not me. There will be a sacrifice for the unfortunate, the immigrants, the casualties. And we will make this sacrifice before we become a paper airplane It may seem hard, but you must accept you want to struggle in love Who loves you back? We will die, laugh all you need to scare the thoughts away Because there is no point in worry, you do not need to worry